Who Betrayed Jesus In The Bible?

The Bible Story of Judas Betrays Jesus

The Bible Story of Judas deceiving Jesus is found in each of the four accounts. This incredible story is outstanding in Christian religious philosophy as one of the most critical occasions of unfaithfulness. There are a few clarifications with respect to why Judas deceived Jesus, including renumeration and satanic belonging, that fluctuate among the gospel accounts.

The Gospels suggest that Jesus foreseen and allowed Judas’ treachery. One understanding is that Jesus permitted the selling out in light of the fact that it would enable God’s arrangement to be accomplished and another that paying little heed to the treachery, Jesus was in the end destined for torturous killing as a feature of God’s arrangement.

During the dinner of the Last Supper Jesus predicts that “one of you will sell out me” alluding to Judas. Judas leaves the dinner and goes to the Roman specialists who are hoping to capture Jesus. He takes hush-money of 30 silver and consents to take them to Jesus. Judas realized that Jesus and the followers would go to a nursery close to Jerusalem and drove the troopers there, expressing “Whoever it is I kiss, he is the one; arrest him, and lead him away under watchman.” Leading the gathering into the nursery, Judas sees Jesus with his devotees and methodologies him. “Welcome, Rabbi!” Judas says, and he kisses Jesus daintily. “Individual, for what design are you present?” Jesus reacts. (Matthew 26:49, 50) Answering his own inquiry, Jesus says: “Judas, would you say you are double-crossing the Son of Man with a kiss?”

As the warriors push toward Jesus, the messengers perceive what’s going on. “Ruler, should we hit with the sword?” they inquire. (Luke 22:49) Before Jesus can react, Peter utilizes one of the two swords that the missionaries have and assaults Malchus, a worker of the consecrated cleric, removing his correct ear.

Jesus strokes the ear of Malchus, recuperating the injury. He at that point shows a significant exercise, telling Peter: “Return your sword to its place, for every one of the individuals who take up the sword will die by the sword.” Jesus is happy to be caught, for he clarifies: “How might the Scriptures be satisfied that state it must occur along these lines?” (Matthew 26:52) This at that point prompts the preliminary and Crucifixion of Christ.

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